I Am Mom Enough


While struggling to put my thoughts onto paper, I often second guess myself and wonder if people will like what I have to say or accept what I have to offer and although it has taken me 39 years of life, I now know that I AM ENOUGH!

Ever walk into a room and just take in your surroundings? I do every single time, and every each time I do, I observe and am almost instantly able to think of a positive attribute of everyone in that room, whether it be physical or not, I do not judge them. I think to myself, “Judy has such nice lips, John is such a doting husband, Mary has a beautiful smile). I find something positive about each one and instead of leaving it at that, I take my thoughts and turn them to myself, feeling inadequate and less than each individual I come into contact with. I’m not sure when or how this happened, but I always wonder to myself “Am I Enough?”

Am I enough for my husband, for my friends, for my parents, and most importantly, am I enough for my children? The answer that I recently came to figure out is that YES, YES I AM ENOUGH!! This is me, you get all of me, no sugarcoated version of what I think I should be. I am loyal, raw, vulnerable, hilarious and true!

Are there times when I still feel inadequate, sure, at least a dozen a day, but I am a work in progress, as we all are and I am hoping that through this blog, we can grow together to see that WE ARE ENOUGH!!!

~xo Kristeen