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Bedroom Redo~Game On!

We moved into our home almost 5 years ago when “A” was 7 years old. He wanted blue, the obvious choice, so blue it was. It was decorated pretty basic, a nice map canvas, and some inspirational “boy” quotes adorned his walls. Over the years, his walls started to fill up with random posters of wrestlers, FNAF (Five Nights at Freddys), and anything else he wanted.  As someone who likes to have organization and simplicity in the home, every time I walked into his room I would cringe at the posters hanging on the wall and the mess of broken legos on his shelves~I know you feel me ladies~

“A” will be 12 on Sunday and we felt it was about time to redo his room. He needed a more “mature” room, whatever that means. Secretly I think it is my way of taking control of his room again (muahahahahaha). So I started with a super light grey on the walls. His room is a pretty nice size with vertical paneling on the walls. I finished painting his room in about 2 days having almost more paint on me than on the walls….I decided to try to do stripes on one of the walls, and I really love how it looks, so does “A”( see pics below).

We decided to do somewhat of a retro gamer theme. We came across these 3 canvases that look like an original Nintendo controller on Pinterest ( see link below for the inspiration I found on Pinterest) These canvases were way too expensive for me to buy and to be honest, I knew I could make them myself. So off to hobby lobby we went. You can find a 40% off coupon at their website: https://www.hobbylobby.com

We got 14×14 white canvases and I made the wall art that we will put above his bed.

“A” also found some other art that he wanted in his room, so back to drawing I went. I enjoy it so much, it’s therapeutic for me and I get such a sense of accomplishment when I create something on my own. What is something that you do to help you relax, are you crafty or artistic? In keeping with the gamer theme, we decided to do a question mark box from Super Mario Bros and a DanTDM pixel canvas. DanTDM is a YouTuber that both my kids love watching and apparently this is his character in Minecraft (?) I think.

What are some of the games or shows that your kids love watching or playing?  We also came across an old Playstation controller and had the idea to have “A” take it apart, lay it on a canvas and glue it all down so we can display it in his room…it came pretty awesome and he loves it. It was fun for him to take it all apart and see how many little pieces are in the controller.

My last and final craft project for this room (so far) was making a headboard.  I have wanted to tackle this for a while now and just didn’t know where to begin. I purchased 2 foam boards from the Dollar Store. They are 30″ x 18″ which is perfect because “A” has a queen size bed and 60″ is the perfect length  https://www.dollartree.com/Readi-Board-Foam-Boards/p16450/index.pro

I also purchased queen size batting in Hobby Lobby and used that 40% coupon (see link above) $12.99~ I paid roughly $8 for all of the batting.  “A” found a fabric that he liked that was on CLEARANCE!!! YESSSSS!!! $3 a yard!! woohoo~ Mama taught him right!!! I bought 3 yards but used less than 2 yards for this project! SCORE!!!!  I had a roll of duct tape at home so this didn’t cost me any extra money. So, this headboard project cost me less than $15!!!!!!!!!!!! I taped the 2 foam boards together with my nifty duct tape, then wrapped in batting- taped that all down then measured out my fabric, wrapped it around and duct taped it all over again. I planned on using my staple gun for this but it wasn’t thick enough for the staples to be secure, so DUCT TAPE FOR THE WIN!!!! When it was all done, I nailed it to the wall abut 4 inches above his bed frame with 3 strong nails!! It’s so light that it isn’t going anywhere and it looks AWESOME!!! I’m so glad I finally tackled this project. It was super easy and very inexpensive!!!

I think I covered everything for this bedroom redo- I still have to repaint his desk and chair and buy a new nightstand. I’m keeping an eye out every time I go to the stores. We also have to add some things to his dresser, although he’s leaving it empty in the hopes that he will be getting a TV in his room soon ( spoiler alert~ he’s NOT!) Here is the link to my Pinterest page where I got some of my inspiration!! https://www.pinterest.com/kristeen519/andrew/

Check out the before and after pictures below!!! (Before pictures were taken after I had taken most of the pics off the walls and moved some furniture) I hope this will give you some exciting ideas for your “Tween” boys room.  It can be affordable and fun to redecorate. Next project is the littles room!

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  • M.

    I love the room redo. The canvas with the different remote controllers is sooooo cool! You are very crafty! He must love his “new” room. Great work mom!

  • Krystal Nicholson

    Oh my gosh you did such an amazing job! You should be so proud of it! I love all your canvas designs especially the remote control. So creative. Thanks for sharing the before and after pictures too. I love seeing the transformation.