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    Time Stops for No One

    Hello all, its been a while now since I have had any time to myself to write or even think straight. Two boys, work, school PTO responsibilities, after school activities, teaching CCD, keeping the house clean, cooking, laundry…I basically fall asleep when the kids do….. I’m sure you all get it!! I hope everyone is doing amazing!! I will be back with new blog posts next week!! ~xo Kristeen

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    You guys, I wrote a complete blog post yesterday, it was amazing, then accidentally I deleted it…Such a bummer. I have been struggling lately with finding things to talk about. It’s funny, before I started this blog, I had SOOO many ideas of what I wanted to talk about and how I would create this blog and lately I just feel totally blocked. It could be that the boys are still home on Summer break and I can’t think straight, but it seems that any ideas come to me while I’m half asleep and too lazy to get up and write them down. I’m sure, by now, some of your…

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    Feeling guilty that we don’t take extraordinary vacations every year or whisk them away on weekend adventures. What's your feeling on this ya'll?   I don’t remember doing these things as a child nor do I remember feeling like I missed out on anything.  When i was younger I don’t think that was the "norm".  My brother and I went to our local school for summer camp, that was usually free, and played in our pools and slip 'n slides.  At night we would play with the neighborhood kids and enjoyed playing running bases, man hunt and get the best goodies from the ice cream man.. candy, ice cream and…

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    What is your worth and who determines that? I think we rely heavily on the opinions of others around us to determine our value. To some, their worth has been determined by what kind of car they drive or clothes they wear, what size jeans they wear…..you get the picture. Throughout my life, I have always cared what others thought of me, or at least what I THOUGHT THEY THOUGHT OF ME. Playing out scenarios in my head of how they think I’m dressed or what they must think of me by the house I live in or by how much makeup I’m wearing or not wearing ( I hate…

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    EmpaNADA for you!!

    Is there a specific food that your family always asks for? Something that they would eat everyday if they could? Well ours are empanadas, my husband and little one ask for them all the time. “A” won’t even look at them because he is the pickiest eater, but I know if he tried them, he would LOVE them!! The recipe I have was given to me years ago by a friend who made them for me and I just loved how simple it was and how yummy they tasted!!! First things first: Ingredients ~ 1-1/2 lbs of ground meat* ~2 packages of Goya Empanada Discs ~8 oz. bag of shredded…

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    Bedroom Redo~Game On!

    We moved into our home almost 5 years ago when “A” was 7 years old. He wanted blue, the obvious choice, so blue it was. It was decorated pretty basic, a nice map canvas, and some inspirational “boy” quotes adorned his walls. Over the years, his walls started to fill up with random posters of wrestlers, FNAF (Five Nights at Freddys), and anything else he wanted.  As someone who likes to have organization and simplicity in the home, every time I walked into his room I would cringe at the posters hanging on the wall and the mess of broken legos on his shelves~I know you feel me ladies~ “A”…

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    Inspirational Quotes Are My Jam!

    Ever come across a quote and think to yourself, “Wow, that was exactly what I needed?” Well, I live for quotes. When I find quotes that relate to how I am feeling at that moment, it is somewhat of a reassurance that someone else has felt this same way and that I’m not alone. These quotes become my mantra that I go back to numerous times a day, to remind myself that however I am feeling is okay. My cousin sent me an amazing quote when she found out I was starting a blog and I have to tell you, I absolutely love it: Isn’t it amazing? Every word is…

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    While struggling to put my thoughts onto paper, I often second guess myself and wonder if people will like what I have to say or accept what I have to offer and although it has taken me 39 years of life, I now know that I AM ENOUGH! Ever walk into a room and just take in your surroundings? I do every single time, and every each time I do, I observe and am almost instantly able to think of a positive attribute of everyone in that room, whether it be physical or not, I do not judge them. I think to myself, “Judy has such nice lips, John is such…

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    “Won’t You Be My Neighbor”

    What an amazing documentary about Mr. Fred Rogers. I brought my sons to see this today, even though they don’t really know who he was, I believe that his message transcends every generation. Growing up in the 80s I watched shows like Sesame Street, Romper Room and Mr. Rogers Neighborhood. He was such a fixture in our home and my younger brother and I would watch it every single day. Watching his documentary today brought back so many happy memories of my childhood. Watching some clips from the episodes that I could so vividly remember. Mr. Rogers had such a way with children. He had a way to make you…

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    Hello world!

    Hello World and Welcome to my Blog! This has been a long time coming for me and I am super excited and nervous to start this journey with you all. Please check back for my first blog post shortly!!!

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